How often should I feed my pet?

We would advise that dogs are fed at least twice daily which helps their digestive system keep active and to prevent scavenging if going too long between meals. Cats tend to eat sufficient food to sustain their energy levels so will often graze throughout the day, eating little and often, as a general rule it’s advisable to feed cats two to four times daily depending on their exercise levels. Rabbits and small furries need to have access to food and water constantly as they need to eat regularly to maintain their bodies metabolic rate and keep a healthy digestive system, so having fresh food and water available at all times is necessary.

What is best wet food or dry?

This can be a personal choice but we would always advise dry food for your pets for many reasons, it is highly digestible and reduces the need to defecate as often. Dry food is better for their dental health helping to remove plaque as they eat; dry food stays fresh longer and can be bought in bulk meaning it is more cost effective.

How much food should I feed my pet?

A pets dietary needs change with the lifestyle they lead and a sedentary pet will need a lot less food than a working pet or a very active one, you will know if your pet is getting too much to eat as it will start gaining weight or losing weight if it is not getting enough. Most pet foods have a feeding guide on the back of the packets, please bear in mind this is a rough guide based on an average size pet with an average size exercise regime and to adjust this to your pets needs accordingly, please feel free to contact the clinic for a free nurse consult and we will be happy to discuss a feeding plan for your pet

Can my guinea pig eat my rabbit’s food?

No, guinea pigs need a high level of vitamin C in their diet which is present in guinea pig food but not as much in rabbit food. Eating rabbit food could cause them long term health problems due to lack of vitamin C. Rabbits however can absorb the extra vitamin C without any ill side effects, so they can eat guinea pig food.

What is the best way to change my pets brand or go from wet to dry?

Most pets do not like change and can refuse food if it is too different from what they are used to. They will often go a few days without eating properly, concerned owners can then resort to a food type they know their pet will eat. It is important when changing a pet’s diet to take at least 10-14 days to swap and to make the change gradually by slowly introducing the new diet and reducing the old.

Should I change my pet’s food as they get older?

Yes certainly a lot of pet foods are tailored to specific life stages of your pet, junior diets tend to be higher in calcium and chondroitin to aid healthy teeth and bones as your pet grows, but not needed in adult pets here an adult maintenance diets would give a well-balanced diet without too much fat or salt helping to maintain a healthy body and coat, a senior diet however tends to have a lot less salt to preserve kidney and liver function. These are just a few examples of life stage diets and there is plenty to suit most pet’s needs and ages.