Fleas and ticks

There are two types of spot on wormers available Endectrid Spot On (also known as Advocate) is the only product licenced for the treatment and prevention of fleas, biting lice, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, demodeptic mange, heartworm, lungworm and roundworm. Quantex Spot On (also known as Droncit) is the only Spot On treatment available for the treatment of tapeworms in cats.

How does my pet get fleas?

Fleas are easily transmitted from animal to animal and can be brought into the house on our shoes and clothing, this means that even house cats are at risk.

How do I know if my pet has fleas?

It is not always possible to spot fleas on your pet but the flea dirt they leave behind can be seen quite easily, this looks like black pepper and can feel gritty to the touch, this is evidence that flea activity is present

How often do I need to treat for fleas?

It depends on the product used, Endectrid needs to be administered monthly, Bravecto (a flea tablet for dogs) only need to be given every three months.

Do I need to treat the house?

A flea will jump onto your pet to feed but will lay its eggs in the environment where they can lay dormant for up to 18 months hatching only when the conditions are optimal, treating the house will help you to break this cycle and prevent the eggs from hatching.

Do supermarket products work?

Supermarket products tend to repel fleas instead of actually eliminating them, products bought off the shelf are classed as General Sales (GSL) which means you do not need a prescription to buy them, all the products we stock are prescription only medication (POM) and can only be bought from a licenced veterinary centre where there is a veterinary surgeon to dispense them. Due to these regulations in order for us to provide you with POM flea and worm treatment we need to have seen your pet for a health check within the last 12 months as a legal requirement.

What about tick prevention and treatment?

Endectrid does not offer any tick protection. Ticks are prevalent in warm and damp weather, particularly on farm and moorland and can spread Lyme disease. If you feel your dog is at risk then we would advise using Bravecto (a flea and tick tablet that lasts for three months) plus a Milbeworm worming tablet instead of Endectrid.