Pet bereavement, Rosslyn Veterinary Centre

Unfortunately our pets cannot stay with us forever and all too often we have to say goodbye to our dear friends. This is an emotional time for all concerned and something that cannot be rushed; our dedicated quiet room allows you to spend your precious final moments with your pet in a peaceful area, away from the rest of the surgery. Here you can spend as much time as you need and you will not be disturbed.

We also offer you the opportunity to take a fur clipping and a paw print of your pet as a keepsake.

Our experienced staff are always available to chat with you regarding any worries you have based on end.

All the staff here have had to face this experience before with their own pets and agree it never gets any easier, here are some of the questions we get asked most, we hope this helps you a little.

What can I expect when I have to put my pet to sleep?

Having a pet euthanised is generally a very peaceful process, a small amount of fur is clipped from the foreleg in order to find a vein and small amount of concentrated anaesthetic is injected into this vein, your pet will go to sleep very quickly and can gently slip away within a few moments.

Can I be with my pet throughout?

Absolutely you can stay with your pet for as long as you want, we encourage owners to stay during this process as your pets generally feel more relaxed with you there.

Can I request a home visit to put my pet to sleep?

Yes we can arrange to come to your home and we will try to come at a time that is convenient for you, however please be aware that occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies the vet may not be able to leave the practice at the designated time, if this was the case we would encourage you to bring your pet to the practice where you can stay in our dedicated quiet room.

What happens to my pets body after euthanasia?

There are a number of options available to you; we use the services of a dedicated pet crematorium that will collect your pet from the surgery for cremation allowing you to have the option of having your pets ashes returned to you or interred at the garden of remembrance at the crematorium. You can visit your pet there in their chapel of rest or you can walk in the remembrance gardens, or if you would prefer, you can take your pet home for a home burial. Discussing these options can be difficult and distressing, we are happy to talk you through this procedure and discuss your options in more detail or alternatively you can discuss your worries with the Blue Cross pet bereavement support services that can help and support you through this difficult time.